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Built in 1864 and remodeled in 2012, Summerville Inn offers a beautiful place to stay in the heart of the Scott Valley. Located approximately two miles north of Etna, Summerville Inn sits on the Smith Brother's Ranch and offers several opportunites to experience and observe ranch life.

Summerville Inn offers:

  • Four bedrooms

  • Two bathrooms

  • Living room

  • Game room

  • Full kitchen and dining room

  • Ample parking


The Smith Ranch has been in operation by the original family since it was purchased in 1852 by George Smith, a 49er gold miner.


The city of Etna is located in the Scott Valley area of Siskiyou County, California. Located at the foot of the Marble Mountain Wilderness in the Siskiyou Mountain (Cascades) Range, Etna is an attraction for hikers, rafters, climbers, hunters, bicyclists and kayakers.

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